Cash prizes, scholarships, job contracts, are the opportunities currently offered by RIDA (Royal International Dance Association) to young dancers and professionals within the dance world. There are 3 events (in addition to the national event "DanzaSi", dedicated to Italian participants) through which one can access RIDA's opportunities:

- "Royal International Baltic Competition" in Riga (Latvia);
- "Royal International Dance Competition" in Italy;
- "Royal Dance Grand Prix" in China;


Annually, RIDA invests around 30,000 Euro in cash prizes. Here you can download the lists of cash prizes of the "Royal Dance Grand Prix", which remain the same for every year (PDF format).


Annually, RIDA invests around 25,000 Euro in scholarships and awards of high worth. Here you can download the lists of those awarded within the "Royal International Dance Competition":

2013 winners (PDF)

2014 winners (PDF)

2015 winners (PDF)

2016 winners (PDF)

2017 winners (PDF)

2018 winners - Rieti (PDF)

2018 winners - Trieste (PDF)



In order to maintain the high level of preparation of the Chinese schools' students of RIDA, we offer job contracts (for finite and indefinite time periods) to dancers, choreographers and European dance teachers of high level. Follow our Facebook page (Royal's Line Group) for updates on job postings. The indefinite time job contract includes 2 months of paid trial, accommodation paid by RIDA and work visa release practices.

Elena Voronova                              Francesca Formisano

Santa Marija Solomonova

Roberto Imperatori