International Dance Association
“Royal Line Group”

“Royal Line Group” Association is registered in 2012 at the revenue agency of Rieti and began with the intention to promote and validate culture, art and education in Italian and foreign territories. The legal seat of Association is situated in Rieti in the Lazio region, an ancient city in the centre of Italy, where the major part of our projects take place, including our International Contest, the "Royal Dance Grand Prix".

Based on Act n.27/P-19366 of the Prefecture of Rieti, 23 October 2018 Association “Royal Line Group” has received new legal state “The Middle States Association”.

Based on the cooperation agreement with the "Beijing Dancer Culture and Art Development Co", from 2014 to 2019 “Royal Line Group” Association worked successfully in China, realizing also in Beijing the annual International Contest “Royal Dance Grand Prix” and cultural and work exchange for students and teachers.

In 2017 “Royal Line Group” Association has opened its additional Baltic branch in Riga (Latvia).

In 2019 “Royal Line Group” Association has opened its additional branch in Moscow (Russia).


“Royal Line Group” Association is formed by 3 members of the administrative council:
Antonio Reali - president
Talis Sils - Vice President
Tatjana Kirillova-Reali - secretary

and 5 founding members:

Jang Qi, Sandra Santomauro, Serenella Reali, Irina Starostina, Viktorija Danovica.