Royal Dance Competition

Royal Dance Competition Video Presentation

Italy, Rieti
12 - 15 April 2018
F.Vespasiano Opera Theater

The "Royal Dance Competition" welcomes every year more than 200 dancers from every part of the world, who perform the various types of Dance. The participants can be soloists, pas de deux couples and groups, both students and artists of private or professional schools or theatres.

Here you can find the Competition rules and Regulations of the "Royal Dance Competition 2018" (PDF)
Entries are accepted now, download the Registration Form (PDF)

The Jury of the contest is formed by the best specialists in international choreography.
Aysha Sila Ljudmila Strelnikova-Vikanova Nadege Hottier
Talis Sils Valerijs Vikanovs Zhang Xiaohui

Dancers selected by the panel of judges of the competition will participate,covering all the expenses, in the "Royal Dance Grand Prix" in China.

All the Video Registrations of the "Royal Dance Competition" hawe been produced by Vincent Urbani, Enzo Prisciandaro and Diana Kadyrova:

Promotional Video 2017


Promotional Video 2016


Promotional Video 2015


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Promotional Video 2013

Promotional Video 2013 (by Diana Kadyrova)